Gustaf Josefsson

Gustaf is one of Sweden’s most frequently hired speakers on the topics of digital transformation, technology and the future of socieyt. He speaks about the human and societal impacts of the rapid change driven by technological evolution.

He has an academic background in cognitive science, rhetoric, chemistry, law, biomedical engineering and business. His business ventures ranges from a nation wide entrepreneurship competition to digital tool for political data analysis. In 2014, he started Makerspark, Sweden’s first 3D Print Shop, a makerspace with a startup incubator and technology education platform. He’s built art displayed at Nationalmuseum, is on the board for the government grant committee Kulturbryggan, and the Corporate Philosopher of the toy company Strawbees.

As a speaker, Gustaf leads the audience through complex subjects by using a creative mix of science, storytelling and humor. He has a way of connecting new trinkets and trends with deep underlying themes of humanity and its destiny.

Former clients include Nordic Choice Hotels, PwC, Saab, the Ministry of Enterprise, Kaospilot and the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. He’s also leading the ”Exploring Technology” course at the digital media school Hyper Island.

”Gustaf Josefsson is what I call a ’voice of a generation’.
He does not only speak about, but live and breathe the future”

– Alexander Bard, author and philosopher


Gustaf is one of Sweden’s most frequently hired speakers on the topics of future trends and change management. He uses storytelling to help us make sense of the world and the rapid transformation it is going through.

Every talk is tailored to the specific audience, but here are some example topics that Gustaf often talk about.

We've never known as little as we do today

Keywords: Technology, Change Management, Leadership, Inspiration.

Entertaining and insightful stories about the history and nature of change. Why are we experiencing such rapid change now, and how can we as a society, as an organization or an individual handle all this uncertainty?

  • Make learning a habit.
  • Stop planning and start experimenting.
  • Create opportunities for others to create.
  • Learning by doing.

Rise of the Digital Nervous System

Keywords: Digital Transformation, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Futurology.

Humanity have always been intricately entangled with our technology. Now the border between the physical and the digital is beginning to dissolve completely. Are the machines taking over, or did they already do that centuries ago? What does this mean for our corporations, our governments, and our beliefs about the world?

  • We are technology.
  • Digital changes not only how we work, but why we work.
  • The AI is not about to take over – it already did.

The future is Co-created

Keywords: Participatory Culture, Value Based Leadership, Sharing Economy, Co-creation, Community Building.

Technology is giving us the opportunity to create projects and organization of unprecedented complexity. But in the peer-to-peer world, when individuals can freely communicate and share resources and knowledge, old hierarchies start falling apart.
The age of the internet, makerspaces, live role playing games, youTube, Burning Man, and Bernie Sanders put every individual behind their own wheel. This is the age of participatory culture.

  • Leadership in leaderless organizations.
  • Value based leadership and organizational purpose.
  • How sharing both increases and disrupt inequality.
  • How to co-create the future.


Rise of the Digital Nervous System

Rise of the Digital Nervous System

Filmed at Trondheim Developer Conference, October 2016. 44 min.
Framtidens utbildning

Framtidens utbildning

Föreläsning från Campus Stockholm, October 2015. 23 min. (Swedish)
Ledarskap i förändring

Ledarskap i förändring

Short intro for TDC, 2016. 3 min. (Swedish)


Gustaf Josefsson
+46 709 854979

Guff Innovation Lab AB
c/o Makerspark
Kornhamnstorg 49
111 27 Stockholm

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